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It is not enough do nothing the whole month and at the end of the month take a montly payment on tax payers expenses..!!! »Today we are going to try and make the point that… it is impossible in the modern world to talk about something like crime, gangs, and drugs, as something that’s not connected to things such as international terrorism. People don’t realize when they drive down the street and see a drug deal going down that that drug deal actually affects international terror¬ism and their security, but IT DOES. When we are talking about crime versus terrorism, transnational crime, at least on the scale that… is a cancer. It CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICIALS and INSTITUTIONS, it undermines respect for the rule of law… the corruptive influence and the undermining of governance in many parts of this world is a real problem. This corruption actually creates safe havens that allow organizations which are committed to doing these kinds of things to operate with impunity.« 
“Hundreds of millions of people around the world participate in and support illicit economies and consider them legitimate.“


Today is the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers #PKDay! The United Nations recently named its first female Force Commander in a United Nations peacekeeping operation

According to the United Nations, women in peacekeeping operations have made a positive impact on peacekeeping environments, both in supporting the role of women in building peace and protecting women’s rights

Why do you think it is important to have female peacekeepers?

Currently in Croatia are 4.4 million people and just 1.4 million workers. The maximal national output is on 2.9 million employees! In the same time whole Public Sector COST you the SAME!!! The BEST thing what many Public Employee should do is stay at home and at the end of the month go to take their monthly payment!!!Not to mention that average income with High School is cca. 750€uro & with University Degree is cca. 1000€uro like Gini Index is 32.0 (107. On the world!) Check the Slovenian one! NO PROBLEM!?! NO?

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